Drive Better With Flo

Flo is an app that makes you drive more safely, save on gas and logs all of your trips! Put miles into Flo and she responds with trip data that shows how you’re improving and where you still need some help. You can even analyze past trips in 3D, complete with pointers to your best and worst moves behind the wheel. Flo also gives you a score for every trip. Flo serves up real-time audio and video feedback while you drive, so you’ll immediately learn how you can do better and where you’re doing well. And Flo saves all your trip data, including scores, distances, travel times, and routes.


Decos had a very old system for tracking car mileage for businesses, combined with expensive hardware. After investigating the market and technical developments, a new strategy was developed where the focus is on mobile apps. After several creative and brainstorm sessions with stakeholders from the company two concepts with different user stories were developed:

  • Concept one gamifies saving fuel,
  • Concept two focuses on companies with a fleet of utility vehicles (construction, installation, transport, etc.) to optimalize usage of the fleet with real-time planning.

After presenting the two different concepts, with accompanying target market information, the board of Decos decided to go with concept one; gamify saving fuel.

Saving Fuel

From this concept, I’ve designed the overall flow, and created small prototypes to test out different possible solutions. From there out we continued testing and improving the design and together with a game designer what rules we should have for the gamification, till we solved all the problems we encountered. Finally I’ve documented this all in wireframes and created a tappable prototype for smartphones. 


The biggest challenges were to create something that people would use, even without actively turning the application on and find ways of use that would seamlessly fit into people’s routines. Through testing multiple iterations, a satisfying solution was found in the end.

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    Redesign navigation migme

    At the end of the summer in 2015 we started a new project to simplify and improve the navigation of migme. The redesign of migme from the end of 2014 for Android and Web was not easy to use and caused for a lot of confusion for our users.