Improving migme sign-up rate

With legacy product decisions from feature phone era in a smartphone ecosystem, it's no wonder our sign up rate has been abysmal. Changing our working processes has been beneficial in getting the different disciplines better aligned and improving our product faster. With adjustments to the product we were able to increase sign-up rate up to 50%.


People, who are new to internet and social networking, faced numerous problems when trying to sign up for migme:

  • what are usernames for?
  • unclear rules for choosing usernames,
  • unclear rules for passwords,
  • blocking experience by requiring users to verify their email address first, before actually experiencing the product,
  • what's email? our target audience would be using a smartphone for the first time, where the seller would have set up their android phone without the new owner knowing anything about what google email account has been created.
And these are just a few of the problems only related to signup up. After that people are dropped in the platform with little to no guidance on how to use the product and why that would be something they would want to do. You could definitely say migme has troubles on-boarding new users.

Redesigning (the system)

From our UX and product team we've been pushing for a lot of changes to resolve these problems. Finally we were able to form a team that would focus solely on sign-up and on-boarding. Having a team focusing on only on these issues helped tremendously. Considering all the restraints we were dealing with, such as costs and time of development, the redesign consisted of the following:

  • people can sign-up with just username and password. no need to verify email or phone number upfront. 
  • suggestions for usernames. instead of a blank slate, we provide quirky usernames and explain why they are needed. simplified password rules. 
  • easier to understand, easier to remember, less support for forgotten passwords needed. 
  • following topics (and with each topic's related profiles) to help improve the content they see in their feed. 


With these changes, we've improved sign-up rates from <5% up to 50% and are now continuously monitoring the sign-up rate to see and prevent any problems from occurring. 

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    At the end of the summer in 2015 we started a new project to simplify and improve the navigation of migme. The redesign of migme from the end of 2014 for Android and Web was not easy to use and caused for a lot of confusion for our users.

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