Migme MOX: doubling retention rate

During MOX, migme wanted to explore a new market, increase retention, and adopt new technology stack for faster product iteration. The team at MOX was run as an internal startup, a small tight-knit team with roles of android and web developers, designer, product manager, and marketeer. As a result we acquired 75K new users, we doubled our retention rates for users in India compared to our google play version, and have a proof-of-concept for our Android app with React Native integration.


Through MOX’ telecom partners around the world migme was able to market ourselves directly to people's smartphones. By iterating with many different marketing messages we were able to acquire 75K new users in just two months.

React Native

One challenge we face at migme is the speed at which we can iterate and improve our products. The web development team has already transitioned to ReactJS earlier, and with help from them the android development team started investigating React Native. With React Native our expectations are that we can reuse more code across the different platforms, and with that speed up our development (after an initial learning curve). The proof of concept focused integrating a React Native feed into the main android product. The team came across lot of challenges, but all in all it looks very promising for the team to be able to iterate and improve the product faster by using React Native.

Doubling Retention

Finally, another goal migme had during MOX was to increase retention rate. From our own experiences, discussions with different stakeholders in the company, and from our users we know that it can be difficult to find interesting people on the platform and see relevant content. 

Our data showed that people are twice as likely to stay active when they participate in many chatrooms, get more followers, and created more posts. Furthermore, during our first on-boarding project in 2016, one modification we made was presenting the option of remade avatars. From our analytics it showed that people uploading their own profile photo were more likely to be active on the platform. 

All these factors combined, led us to the following ideas and changes:

  • We removed the ready-made avatars, and let people upload a photo instead.
  • To immediately help increase our user retention, we first focused on helping people show our top content creators. as part of improving our on-boarding experience. We use our empty state of the newsfeed to help guide people to our redesigned 'discover' section. 
  •  Following up with this, in the next version we've added an easier way for new users to find interesting, upcoming chatroom events. By integrating and highlighting our curated chatroom events in both the feed and discover, we are showing and explain ing earlier what people can do in migme. This is another way for us to help guide new users and to provide for them a better on-boarding experience. Related with these upcoming chatroom events, we made it easier for our artists to create their own chatrooms and schedule upcoming chatroom events.  


With the changes from MOX we've seen long-lasting improvements. Our retention rates have doubled for each day after sign-up.

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