Tuenti Redesigned

Tuenti was the one of the most-trafficked web sites in Spain, with 6 million monthly mobile users, 40 billion monthly pageviews, and 400 million chat messages sent per day. In 2012 Tuenti launched their new mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and in 2013 for Windows phone, with a refocus from the sharing feed onto conversations.


As Tuenti noticed a change in usage, I’ve helped develop a new concept for the interaction, a shift from the traditional sharing and posting moments to having more real connections with people you care. Instead of sharing, chat has become the main experience for the mobile applications of Tuenti. To facilitate the understanding of these changes I’ve created a flowchart as an overview where all the screens are shown, as a way for everyone to see, collaborate, comment and improve the product upon.


Goal for the chat is to make it pleasant, clear and helpful. A chat consists of many things; names of the participants, avatars, the messages themselves, but also meta data of the messages. When you’re in a chat, especially when it’s cross platform and you don’t know if your friend is on a desktop, or on his mobile phone, you want to know if a message had a problem to be delivered or not, and if it was read or not. The interaction design helped with all this by:

  • showing messages that are being sent semitransparent - 
  • showing messages that are delivered fully opaque - 
  • showing a marker when it’s undelivered and providing an option to resend - 
  • showing the avatar next to the message that has been read. 


The new Tuenti is all about having real conversations, and this concept has be reused in how people comment on moments that have been shared. Everything is seen as a conversation or a starting point for a conversation. 


Managed, directed and collaborated with product owners, visual designers, tech leads and mobile engineers and testers. Incorporated i.e. :

  • creating & leading brainstorm sessions, 
  • scoping & planning, 
  • designing concepts from flowcharts up to the final wireframes & documentation, 
  • interactive prototypes from low fidelity to high fidelity.
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